In the pursuit of developing a website blog for assessment 2, I explored various digital tools including Wix, WordPress, Prezi, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Audacity, Voki. Many of these tools I had never used before, some I had never heard of before this assessment. According to Howell (2012), the access to a variety of digital tools and the opportunity to freely explore them results in powerful learning experiences. I believe using these tools has given me valuable knowledge and skills throughout my learning experience, and I even had fun. I found myself reflecting on this immediately. If I enjoyed learning with digital tools perhaps others could also.

I initially developed two website blogs. One through Wix and the other WordPress. I did this to weigh up the pros and cons of each of them. I noticed that peers posted their preference for Wix over WordPress, however I found WordPress to be the better option. WordPress was easy to use, free and there seemed to be no glitches or loading issues. When navigating through my Wix website however, blogs wouldn’t load or open properly. This made my decision easy, I deleted Wix and continued with WordPress. After reflecting on this decision, I realised that if I had not decided to explore both, I may have chosen Wix it could have costed me valuable marks in the criteria of ‘technical elements’.

There were moments throughout this assessment when things were not going as planned. I ran into various issues with Wix, Souncloud and Audacity. The upside of this was, there is so many tools available to choose from! If one tool doesn’t work for you or suit your objective, there are so many more to explore until you find the one that suits you and your desired outcome.

My experience using WordPress, Prezi and Voki was surprisingly very enjoyable. These tools were easy to navigate, free and engaging. I began thinking of the various tasks I could use them for and the various settings in which I could use them. According to Howell (2012), presentation software and learning tools are used by teachers and students in education settings regularly. The possibilities are endless, even with the free versions. I can see myself undoubtedly using these tools again.



Howell, J. (2012). Teaching with ict: digital pedagogies for collaboration and creativity. South Melbourne, Australia. Oxford University Press.



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